Sunday, September 27, 2009

Community Clean up

Nine members of Boy Scout Troop 370 joined with residents of Clyde on Sept. 19 to show their appreciation to the community for their long time support of Scouting. The workparties weeded several overgrown areas and began a repair project on the "Welcome to Clyde" sign boards. The signs were one of several eagle projects in Clyde and they are in need of some work. Another working party is in the works to complete the repairs. Thanks to town residents Sean, Cindy, Lorain, Diane, Sharon and Kathy for help with the weeding and clean up and thanks to Gary for the fabulous paint job on the bus and train stops. And thanks to Ken for coordinating supplies and making repairs to the train stop and sign boards.

The Boy Scouts of America ask all it's troops to perform commuity service this weekend to help celebrate Scoutings 100th birthday in America. Thank you scouts for your hard work.